[Exclusive seating for infants and children under the age of 8 (2nd graders)] group without children cannot make reservations.
【This table is available for lunch and cafe time for 1 hour.】
If your child seems bored, please pay the bill in about an hour.
It is possible to use it for 2 hours depending on the condition of the child.

Spacious enough for 4 people.
Please contact us if you have more than 4 people→ info@lovingcafe.jp

For reservations on the day, call → 0883-53-0105

★Reservation completion e-mails and other information e-mails will be sent from the following e-mail address, so please be sure to complete the reception settings before making a reservation request.

メール info@lovingcafe.jp

※*Reservation is a promise between our shop and the customer. Cancellations without good reason, provisional reservation of seats, and reservations without confirmation are strictly prohibited.




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