The Micro Spa Resort is Japan’s first facility that assumes complete private charter.

Have your own resort experience by charter.
Loview is an irreplaceable time with family and friends
We will prepare a relaxing time for you.

Full-scale pool with a depth of 60cm
Hot and cold water available
The shallows of the underwater wooden deck

A private sauna
As much as you like Loryu
You can enjoy it to the fullest.

High-quality charcoal-grilled F1 hybrid beef from Tokushima Prefecture has many fans.
A luxurious moment will be deliciously colored.

There is also a bar counter

perfect for drinking
Meals to enjoy while in the pool

You can also eat at Loving cafe

Swimwear and towel rentals are also available. (The number is limited, so we recommend that you bring your own.)

Private charter plan

↑↑↑Reservation possible from 2 months in advance

Light plan

↑↑↑Same-day phone reservation only

☆Contact us by email✉️

⬜︎  Before or after using Loview
If you would like to dine at the Loving Cafe,
  Please also make a reservation for a seat at the Loving cafe from the dedicated page.。.*:.。.✽

For those who want to use Loview

○Food and beverages cannot be brought into the premises
○Visitors wearing spike shoes or heels cannot walk on the lawn
○Towels and swimsuits can be rented, but we recommend that you bring your own as they are limited in number.
○If you would like to use the Loving Cafe before or after the spa time, please make a reservation on the dedicated cafe reservation page.
○Only private plans are available for children under elementary school age.
○You may be asked to wait if you visit us without a reservation.
○Even those who do not use the sauna or pool will have to pay to enter the Loview area.
●Lovingcafe meals can only be ordered when the cafe is open.

⚠️Customers with reservations
Please be sure to read and agree to the following three pages.

terms of service
Promise of the shop
loview terms of service

Various information about Loview on Instagram↓

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